Course Reserves

We are pleased to offer faculty and instructors the use of course reserves. This service allows faculty and instructors to set aside frequently used library materials exclusively for the use of students enrolled in their courses. Course reserves is an easy way to ensure that students have easy access to the materials they need. 

Course reserves have four loan periods for physical items: 3 hours; 5 hours; 24 hours; or 72 hours. 

The John M. Kelly Library provides course reserves for courses for courses taught by faculty and instructors within St. Michael’s College, the Regis St. Michael’s Faculty of Theology, and the departments of French, Italian Studies, Germanic Languages and Literatures, and the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. 

Please direct any questions about this service to  

Physical items 

We are able to place the following types of materials on course reserve. Items on course reserve are stored at the Kelly Library’s Loans and Information desk and are available by request only. This ensures they are available to students enrolled in your courses. We are able to place the following physical materials on short term loan: 

  • Books or other materials from the Kelly Library’s collections; 
  • Books or other materials from other campus libraries housed at the Kelly Library for the duration of the course; and 
  • Books or other materials you own, but lend to the library for the duration of the course. 

If an item you want to place on course reserve is not available in the University of Toronto Libraries collection, please contract your Subject Librarian and we will see if a copy can be acquired. 


We are happy to provide access to electronic resources. This is most often done through the use of Reading Lists, which is an online list of resources required for your class that is embedded in your course’s Quercus page. Our Syllabus Service team can help you add electronic resources to your Quercus page. 

The Kelly Library will purchase ebook licenses for required texts and some recommended texts where possible. If an ebook license is not available for institutional purchase, a physical copy will be purchased and put on reserve for your students.