External Users

External users, sometimes known as extramural users, are those who are not registered as active students, staff, or faculty at the University of Toronto. The Kelly Library is pleased to issue External Borrower Cards to these users. External Borrower Cards provide access to the physical materials housed in the Kelly Library. Using this card, patrons may borrow up to 10 items at a time for two weeks.

External user cards may be obtained in-person at the Kelly Library. You will be asked to show a valid piece of photo ID in order to be issued an External Borrower card.

External Borrower Cards do not provide access to electronic materials held by the University of Toronto Libraries, including ebooks, online journal databases, or other online subscription-based resources.

The University of Toronto Libraries offers a variety of card types which provide access to different libraries and services.

Patron Group
General Public
University of St. Michael’s College alumni
University of St. Michael’s College continuing education students with proof of enrollment
Faculty of local theological colleges, including:
– Greek Orthodox Theological Academy
– Institute for Christian Studies
– Redeemer University
– St. Philip’s Seminary
– Toronto Baptist Seminary
– Tyndale University
Students of St. Philip’s Seminary
Students of Greek Orthodox Theological Academy
Retired Basilian priests living on USMC campus
USMC Fellows

All External Borrower cards expire after 365 days, with two exceptions: Cards belonging to (1) Faculty of Local Theological Colleges and (2) Retired Basilian Priests expire August 31st.