The Kelly Library strives to ensures our facilities are accessible for all people, including persons with disabilities. While we continue to work towards an accessible experience for all library users, we are aware that barriers exist and alternative arrangements are necessary for some. We work hard to provide whatever supports are required. Please contact us with any concerns at

Please consider registering with the University of Toronto Accessibility Services if you have a disability so you are eligible to access their full suite of services.

Finally, Kelly Library staff are happy to assist patrons who have special needs by looking up titles in the library catalogue, retrieving materials from the stacks, and helping with signing materials out from the library. Patrons who need assistance should identify themselves to staff at the Loans and Information desk.

Upon request we can order Braille, large print, audio, or electronic versions of books, articles, and other materials. Please inquire with staff.

Patrons are also able to borrow laptops, document scanners, word processors. We may also scan print materials for you when a digital copy is not available; all scans are processed for optical character recognition (OCR).


At the west side of the Kelly Library entrance portico there is a ramp from street level to the raised platform in front of the library; the Kelly Library entrance is at the same level as the raised platform. There is a power-assisted door with a push-plate to enter the lobby of the building, and another power-assisted door with a push-plate between the lobby and the library itself.


There are two elevators which go from the ground floor to the second, third, and fourth floors. No elevator button is higher than 126 cm above the floor; all have braille characters. There is an audio announcement when the elevator door opens at each floor.


There are two gender-neutral accessible washrooms on the east side of the ground floor of the Kelly Library: one in the Kelly Café, the other in the east study area. The doors are opened and locked with a push button. The overhead lights, and all fixtures are all operated by motion sensor. There is a grab bar next to the toilet.

Computer Access

There is one computer workstation on the ground floor of the Kelly Library which has a desktop 76 cm above the floor; most computer workstations in the library have a desktop 71 cm above the floor. Almost all computers in the library are equipped with magnification software; many also have text narration software.

The library has one accessible computer workstation on the ground floor. Using a button, you can raise or lower the desk surface.

Book Shelves

The aisles between book shelves on the second and third floors are almost all at least 90 cm wide. There are a small number of aisles which are narrower, occasionally as little as 77 cm wide. The book stacks are over two metres high. Books are shelved at all levels including the top and bottom shelves. There are a number of rolling step stools throughout the stacks.