Print Studio

The Kelly Library Print Studio is a letterpress print shop. From designing layout to choosing inks and papers, setting type, operating a handpress, and binding, students gain hands-on experience here learning about early and mid-twentieth century letterpress printing. The Print Studio is also proud to have published three chapbooks.

The Studio provides an experiential leaning environment where its collection of 19th and 20th century printing presses offer students an opportunity to engage directly in processes that made history in the heyday of their use. Students quite literally have an opportunity to get their hands dirty in order to understand the challenges, joys, and possibilities once and still inherent in the centuries-old technologies of moveable type and the hand press.

The Print Studio builds on the Kelly’s collections of rare book and archival materials: not only can students see and handle examples of printing from its earliest days, they can learn and sample the methods of production involved in this seemingly simple technology. Naturally it is discovered almost immediately how complex printing is and through that, its impact on all aspects of our lives.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more about the Print Studio.