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Conduct Regulations

The Kelly Library follows the University of Toronto Library Conduct Regulations.

Patrons should contact James Roussain, Interim Chief Librarian, with any questions.

Acquisitions Policy

All St. Michael’s undergraduates have access to a wealth of excellent resources in libraries within walking distance of USMC, on U of T’s St. George campus. With this in mind, and with the limited resources available to it, the John M. Kelly Library has chosen to direct its current buying in support of specific subject areas.

College Programs

Four unique undergraduate programs have been developed at St. Michael’s: Celtic Studies, Christianity and Culture, Mediaeval Studies, and the Book and Media Studies Program. Each of the College programs involves a number of faculty at the College and the majority of courses from these programs are taught on the USMC campus.

One of the main objectives of the John M. Kelly Library is to acquire resources and provide an instructional level of support for all of these programs. A significant proportion of the overall acquisitions budget is allocated to these areas as the Library works at building collections that support undergraduate, and most graduate instruction, as well as sustained independent study.


As far as theological studies are concerned, the Library aims to be the primary library for Basic Degree (MDiv, MTS, and MRE) students of the USMC Faculty of Theology. The collection makes available the major published source materials required for dissertations and independent research, including all important reference works and a wide selection of specialized monographs, as well as a very extensive collection of journals and major indexing and abstracting services in the field. Older material is retained for historical research. The specialized and in-depth research needs of faculty and Advanced Degree students are met by the combined library collections of the member institutions of the Toronto School of Theology; the Robarts Library; and many of the other libraries within the University of Toronto. The faculty and staff of the Faculty of Theology benefit from extensive collections in the Kelly Library acquired to support other programs, including Philosophy, Christianity and Culture, Mediaeval Studies, Bioethics, and Celtic Studies. The collection of the Library of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (on the fourth floor of the John M. Kelly Library Building).

Language Departments on the USMC Campus

By 2001, four University of Toronto academic departments: French; German; Italian Studies; and Slavic Languages and Literatures, were located on the University of St Michael’s College campus. The Library seeks to maintain a basic information level collection of up-to-date general materials that will introduce and define a subject and lead to information available elsewhere. Acquisitions focus on dictionaries, encyclopedias, selected editions of important works, historical surveys, some bibliographies, handbooks, and a few major periodicals.

General Support for All Undergraduates

In order to add breadth to the collection and serve the general needs of all undergraduates, basic, or minimal level, support is provided in each of the following subject areas: English; the Study of Religion; History; Classics; the Social Sciences and, to a much lesser extent, Science.

Rare Books, Special Collections, and Other Areas of Interest

The Library continues to acquire books to enhance its rare books and special collections. In some cases, the Library collects in areas which are inter-disciplinary and, therefore, inter-departmental. One such subject area is Bioethics. Courses on bioethics are taught in the Faculty of Theology, the Christianity and Culture program, the Study of Religion department, and the Philosophy department. USMC is also home to the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute.

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Graduate Carrel Policies

Renewal of Carrels

Graduate carrels are assigned annually from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. Carrels may be renewed annually between August 1st through August 31st.


Carrel holders are responsible for 2 keys for the duration of their carrel tenure: one for the carrel office and one for the lockable desk. Lost keys are subject to a $50 replacement fee.

Library Materials

All library materials kept in study carrels must be properly checked out to carrel holders. Carrels will be checked regularly by library staff.

Use of the Carrel

Carrels should not be shared by other students, however if the student is in the Faculty of Theology, they should contact Emil Iruthayathas (usmctheology.registrar@utoronto.ca).

Personal Property

The Kelly Library is not responsible for personal property left in the building. You are advised not to leave valuable belongings in your carrel. Nothing can be attached to either side of the translucent door to the carrel. Posters, etc. may be attached to the fabric walls.

Withdrawal of Assigned Carrel

Carrel holders who are no longer using their carrel must return the keys to the circulation desk


If you have questions about carrels please contact:

Caroline Silva

Email: c.silva@utoronto.ca