The Kelly Library offers patrons a variety of tools to help with all aspects of your academic work.

Technology Loans

The following tech devices can be borrowed at the front desk. Loan times vary by device type.

  • USB headphones
  • Phone chargers (USB-C and iPhone)
  • Laptop chargers (Mac and PC)
  • Calculators
  • External disc drives (DVD/CD)
  • Laptop lock
  • Gaming consoles (Nintendo Switch and PS4)

Click here to see a current list of technology available for loan at the Kelly Library.

Printing, Scanning, and Photocopying

On the ground floor of the library there are both black and white and colour printers. The black and white printer is the default.


  1. Ensure you have your TCard and that it has funds loaded on it. You can load money online by visiting the TCard+ website or scanning the QR code at the print release station.
  2. Log in to any Kelly computer using your UTORid and password. Open your file and select “print” from the file menu.
  3. A popup will ask you for a print job name. Enter a name to identify your print job and click “OK”.
  4. A second popup will tell you how much your print job will cost. Click “OK”.
  5. Go to the print release station and swipe your TCard. Select your file to print it.

Black and white, double-sided printing is the default. If you would like to change these settings, you can do so in Step 2. Kelly has a black and white and a colour printer on the main floor.

Printing costs 15 cents per side for black and white, and 75 cents for colour.

If you do not have your TCard, you may purchase a guest printing card for $5 from the Circulation Desk (the card comes preloaded with printing money).

Scanning and Photocopying

The Kelly Library has a scanner and photocopier on the ground floor by the printing station. Photocopying costs 15 cents. There is no charge to scan, but you will need a USB stick to save your file. There are also three flatbed scanners attached to computer workstations on the ground floor.

Computer Workstations

The library has computer workstations on the ground floor. You can login with your UTORID and password. All workstations have Microsoft Office 365.

Accessible Computer Workstations

The library has one accessible computer workstation on the ground floor. Using a button, you can raise or lower the desk surface.

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