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Printing, Scanning, & Photocopying

On the ground floor there are both black & white and colour printers. The black & white printer is the default.


Login to a computer workstation and open the file you want to print. When you’re ready, click Print. A popup box will appear asking you for a print job name: enter your initials or any other word to identify your print job from someone else’s and then click OK. A second box will appear telling you how much the print job will cost and asking you to confirm. Click OK again. Then go to the printing station and print using your T-Card. If you want to print in colour–which costs 75 cents–select the colour printer before clicking Print.

There is a second black & white printer in the second floor computer lab. You can print your job there or at the regular printing station on the ground floor.

Scanning & Photocopying

The Kelly Library has a scanner and photocopier on the ground floor by the printing station. There are also several flatbed scanners attached to computer workstations in the ground floor Learning Commons.

Computer Workstations

The library has 78 computer workstations, 43 on the ground floor and 35 in the second floor computer lab. You can login with your UTORID and password. All workstations offer access to Microsoft Office 365.

Accessible Computer Workstations

The library has one accessible computer workstation on the ground floor. Using a button, you can raise or lower the desk surface.

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LIRA Computer Workstation

Our LIRA (Library and Internet Resource Account) workstation is open to members of the public as well as students in the St. Michael’s Graduate Diploma in Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Using a credit card, diploma students and visitors can set up an account at a kiosk on the ground floor and create a temporary computer login ID and password. They will then have free access to the LIRA workstation at the back of our second floor computer lab.

Technology Loans

You can borrow laptops and phone chargers from the Loans Desk.