Publishing, Copyright, & Citation Guidelines

Extracts from archival documents should be cited as follows:

[Collection name, box and folder number, Special Collections, John M. Kelly Library, University of St. Michael’s College.]

When microform or photocopied documents are used, the name of the repository holding the original should also be cited.

Acknowledgment to the Kelly Library must accompany the reproduction of any pictorial material on the same page or as closely as to be immediately obvious to the reader, user or viewer. For television, audio-visuals and films, prominent acknowledgment in the credits at the beginning or the end is acceptable.

Notes on Publication and Permissions

In giving permission to copy, quote from, or publish, the Library does not surrender its own right to publish such material or to grant permission to others to do so. The researcher assumes full responsibility for the use of material and for conformity to the laws of defamation, privacy, and copyright, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the University and the Library from claims arising as a result of use of the material so obtained. Literary rights to all unpublished materials remain in the possession of the authors, heirs, or assignees. The user assumes full responsibility for obtaining permission to publish such items in whole or in part.

  • Researchers who plan eventual publication of their work are urged to make an inquiry concerning overall restrictions on publication before beginning their research. A written request for the right to publish or for permission to publish facsimile copies must be made on forms provided for that purpose when the applicant’s research and writing have reached the stage where it is possible to identify the precise texts to be published.
  • While Special Collections may grant users permission to publish or reproduce some of the materials in its care, this does not discharge users from the responsibility of acquiring permission from copyright owners. Owners may require payment of additional fees if Special Collections does not own copyright or if the material is not in the public domain. Applicants accept all liability for questions of copyright and privacy that may arise in copying and in the use made of the photographic and digital copies.
  • If permission to publish is granted, we request that you cite the source and provide a credit line for Special Collections material used in any publication, exhibition, web site production or video production as follows:
    • Special Collections, John M. Kelly Library, University of St. Michael’s College
  • We request that one copy of any publication that relies heavily on Special Collections material be donated to the John M. Kelly Library as soon as the work is published.
  • In cases where the requested material from Special Collections is in the public domain, the Library does not charge a rights or use fee and permission to publish is not required.


Permission from the Kelly Library must be obtained before any unpublished documents can be published. Patrons wishing to have photographs, maps, or other audio-visual materials reproduced for publication must read and complete the relevant forms. For more information please see information about reproduction services and fees.

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